US history: World War I


Assassination of Archduke Francis


His wife was killed too. Leads to World War I in Europe. The United Stated remains neutral.

German Submarine Sunk


1,200 people die. 128 of them where citizens.

Reelection of president Wilson


Avoiding the war helps President Wilson win reelection.

An allied power joins the War


The United States enters the war.

Treaty of Versailles



My Brother was Born


I was born


My Little Brother Was Born


Civil Rights Movements

Brown Vs The Board Of Education


It was about a girl named Linda Brown. Because she was black, she couldn't attend an all white school. they wanted to send her far away to a segregated school. Her family didn't want to send her to another school so they started to fight against the board of education. They ended up wining so to honor her, they named it after her.

Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks was an African American lady. She refused to move out of her seat in the bus one day so she was arrested. She wasn't the first person to do that but she was the one that made a difference. After she was let out of jail, she started to boycott. She fought for her rights and she actually got them.

The Case of Emmett Till


It was a 14 year old boy who went to visit his family in Missouri. They went to the store and he made a gesture toward a white lady by whistling at her. She took it as an insult so she told her brothers. 2 nights after, the lady's brothers kidnapped Emmett. They first beat him then shot him and after they threw him in a river.

Little Rocks Nine


After the incident with Brown and Board of Eduaction, teachers thought 9 blacks were allowed into the schools. The teachers were wrong though. They were arrested. They had court and everything. they tried to keep up with school work from their homes. After a while, they were allowed to go back with the concent of the government.

Greensboro Sit-Ins


It was the start of the civil rights movement. It was act of nonviolent protest against a segregated lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C., that began on Feb. 1, 1960.