Untitled timeline


Lost Slaves

May 24, 1854

A bunch of slaves went missing and there is a flyer for a $100 reward.

Family wrote letters to Will

June 5, 1854

Will's family wrote letters for him telling him about how there life is going.

Tom ripped the posters down

June 7, 1854

Tom ripped down the posters that said slaves wanted. He used and knife and then then burned them.

Wrote Letter To Sister

June 30, 1854

Will wrote a letter back to his sister. Telling her all about what his life is like right now and what is going on.

Will's sister wrote back

July 3, 1854

Will's sister Lucy wrote back and answered all the questions Will asked

Will wrote a letter to Elise

July 10, 1854

Will wrote a letter to Elise the girl he met who had lunch with him.

Things that happened during this time

Slavery begins


They talk about slavery a lot. This is the time when slavery started.

International Slave trade was abolsihed.


This is the time when people couldn't trade slaves for another slave. They could only sell them for new ones.

The compromise of 1850


This is when the compromise of 1850 was. It made some states free but not completely.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

It was a time when people fought against slavery. Some wanted slaves and some didn't. It didn't free the slaves though.

Slavery ends


This is the time when slavery ended.