john brown


early life

05/9/1800 - 05/10/1800

John brown born in 1800 the same day Thomas Jefferson won the presidency

Kansas-Nebraska Act

5/1/1854 - 5/2/1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act turned the lands to territories slavery isn't allowed on land down to the Missouri Compromise.

John brown strikes back

John Brown's act of freedom of slaves.

Border Ruffians ways to win is to terrorize

11/1/1854 - 11/2/1854

Border Ruffians terrorize voters to vote for proslavery.

John brown is on the move

5/24/1856 - 5/25/1856

John Brown send his followers to murder 5 proslavery settlers.

John brown on the move

1/1/1858 - 1/2/1858

John Brown send followers to attack proslavery homesteads.

raid at harper's ferry

10/16/1859 - 10/17/1859

John Brown's final stand ended at harper's ferry.