the story of my life


when i was born

March 25 1998

i was born in duke hospital in north carolin

i started learning the basics

1999 - 2000

this is basically where i learned to talk, walk, and use the bathroom

my first dog

april 30 1999

when we bought are dog named samantha she was 11

the first time i moved

february 13 2000

this is when moved to alamance county in north carolina but we didnt there for to long

my first pre school

august 29 2002 - april 30 2003

when i went to school i leared all kinds of stuff

my first elementary school

august 28 2003 - june 4 2007

this is an elementry school in alamance county called garret elementry home of the garret gators (alligators)

the day i move to south carolina

december 17 2007 - january 2 2008

this is when we trveled to south carolina from north carolina and took us 4 hors since we were driving

first time in intermediate

january 3 2008 - june 5 2009

this is where 4th and 5th graders but in north carolina elementry was k-5

when i turned into the double digits (10)

march 25 2008

this was my 10th birthday so i went to disney world for a whole week

disney world

march 25 2008 - april 1 2008

we went to disney world for my 10th birthday

middle school time

august 28 2009 - june 3 2012

starting high school

august 27 2012 - june 4 2016

this is basically where my life begins if i dont do good now then i will never do good in life

this is where i am now

january 24 2013

im in 9th grade with all passing grades as bs

senior graduation

june 5 2016

i finally graduated and now its time to start my life with collage and train to become a computer designer or a computer annilist thats the whole reason i joined the tech program


2017 - 2021

this is my final stage if i pass this i will become succesful in life

story of my life song} cant put it on timeline

2018 - 2019

my carrer

2021 - 2033

this what im going to be when i grow up is a computer designer or computer annilist