Anne Calbine




Found and Ghouled by Eric Winters



Meet Sara, Sire's broodmate


Witnessed them stake her future Grandsire.



Embraced by Erik Winters

Joined Invictus


Au Par Erik Winters

Became a Notary and Speaker


Ancient and Esteemed Guild of Ars Sentorus

Cathy Deignan's Character



1720 - 1760

Met Jack Wright


Borrowed his services a few times, usually for companionship, not play.
Played by Charles Oliver.

Exiled from Portugal


Erik Winters kills the Prince. Anne not to blame, but exiled anyway.

Truth: Exiled from Portugal for her broodmate (Erik Winters) killing the Prince while visiting. (MESBethanyStrickling/Requiem1)

Sara’s Memory: Sara was happily ensconced as Hierophant Prince of Lisbon, after having served as harpy for many years. The old prince and Sara have a heated discussion about how to handle an issue. Erik and Anne show up, and Erik outright kills the old prince because of his grabbing Sara’s arm. Sara and Erik are driven out of Lisbon as her bloodless Praxis Seizure turns fatal and she has to restrain Erik from going mad and killing as many of the court as she can. Anne is useless in this endeavor, making it difficult to restrain Erik in general.

Erik’s Memory: We finally found Sara, she has been missing from the family for quite some time. Something was amiss, she left often but never from the whole family. We found her in Lisbon, she had been bloodbound and possibly dominated by the Ventrue Prince. She held his hand, laughed at his jokes, and tended to his every need as she ignored her own blood. Erik tested her and found her to have been corrupted. She was a slave to him in every way, conditioned and bound. Erik cut him down in a single blow with his halberd and walked off with Sara and his family.

Anne’s Memory: Was in Lisbon with her circus and went to court to announce herself to the Prince. Found Sara, not quite herself. She coxed and pleaded with her to contact the Family. Erik arrived shortly after and went into a rage, killing the Prince of the city and dragging them both out of the city. Anne used her circus to smuggle the out.


1850 - 1900

Meets Don Carlos Diego y Trastámara


Ship to America lands in Puerto Rico. Meets a charming, dashing warrior. Was taken with the man and his advances, but her wanderlust called and she moved on to the US

Helps form and joined Aesir


Truth: 1911 – Los Angeles, CA Sara, Erik, Arya, Anne, Hotaru and Rowan form the Aesir.

Sara’s Memory: very vague recollection. She pitched an idea to everyone, hoping to get more support for the Valkyries, somehow she ended up founding some sort of kindred law enforcing coterie. She’s clapped on the back a lot. Gets in a fight with Erik (par for the course) and stabs him. Arya breaks up the fight, and things move on.

Erik’s Memory: They all get together at the request of Erik, there is a large feast and drinking. They enjoy each others company. Erik calmly proposes a plan to form a coterie among them to enforce Kindred Laws and Traditions. They are some of the oldest kindred and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their continued existence. Everyone calmly sits and discusses the finer points before agreeing to establish the Aesir.

Rowan’s Memory: Erik proposes the formation Aesir, quoting the Valkyrie as the source of his inspiration. Sara gets jealous and corners Rowan in private, accusing her of bedding Erik. Rowan denies it, siting how he only has eyes for Sara, as all should. In a moment of realization, Rowan kisses Sara. They are both shocked by the situation, but Sara is flattered and lets Rowan down gently. They vow to never speak of it further.

Arya’s Memory: Los Angeles, CA Sara, Erik, Arya, Anne, Hotaru and Rowan form the Aesir.

Hotaru’s Memory:

Anne’s Memory: Anne meets everyone in Los Angeles to spend time with her Family. Assists Erik in forming the coterie. Witnesses the kiss between Rowan and Sara, but keeps it to herself.

Became the Senechal of Chicago


Met with Tony Chamberlain, took on as student


Played by George

Real World connections

Watch Shakespeare at Globe Theater


Watched one of Shakespeare's preformances

Great London Fire


Great Plague of Marseille


Met Philip Astley


Influenced him to define the modern ringed circus.

NPC Or Future ties

1st Child

1700 - 1800

2nd Child

1800 - 1850

3rd childer

1900 - 2000


Traveled Europe

1600 - 1910









Sailed to US, Landed in Puerto Rico


Traveled US

1911 - 2013