Untitled timeline


muhammad (pubh) was born

570 ad

muhammad (Pubh) was born in 570 ad his mother died when he was young an so did his father he went off to live with his uncle

living with his uncle

578 - 580

muhammad(pubh) lived with his uncle for a while he worked as a caravaner befor becoming a merchant

grand father died


shortly after mahummad(pubh) moved to live with his grandfather his grandfather died after his grand father died he went an lived with his uncle

married a wealthy widow

595 - 600

muhammada(Pubh) married a wealthy widow an live with her they had several sons an daughters together

muhammad went to a cave

610 - 622

muhammad went to a cave to think and thats when he saw his first vison of gabrial

him and his followers fleed mecca

622 - 623

after thinking in a cave him and his followers fled to medina