Life of Muhammad (pbuh)


Muhammad's (pbuh) Birth

570 A.D.

Muhammad (phuh) was born in the town of Mecca.

Muhammad (pbuh) an orphan

575 A.D.

Muhammad's mother passes away and he goes to live with his grandfather.

Death of grandfather

578 A.D.

Muhammad's (pbuh) grandfather dies and he moves in with his uncle.

Muhammad's Teens

580 A.D. - 594 A.D.

Muhammad works as a shepherd. He also occasionally travels with Abu-Talib, a merchant, accompanying caravans to trad centres.

Muhammad's (pbuh) Marriage and Family Life

595 A.D. - 609 A.D.

At age of 25, Muhammad (pbuh) married a wealthy widow named Khadija.

The Angel's visit

610 A.D.

The Angel Gabriel visits Muhammad (pbuh) when he is meditating in a cave.

Muhammad (pbuh) takes his messages public

613 A.D.

Muhammad reveals his messages he is receiving to public. Many people thinks he is a lunatic, however, he gains a few followers.

Muhammad (pbuh) flees Mecca to the city of Medina

622 A.D.

Along with his small band of follower, Muhammad (pbuh) flees Mecca.

Muhammad (pbuh) returnes to Mecca

629 A.D.

Muhammad and a small army of his followers returned to Mecca.

Taking over the city

630 A.D.

Muhammad and his followers takes over the city.

Death of Muhammad (pbuh)

632 A.D.

Muhammad dies, and Muslim leaders choose Abu Bakr as the head of the Islamic community.

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