The World Since 1945


World War 1

1914 - 1918

Enetente and Central Powers, Entente Victory. Entente: Britain France and Russia. Central Powers: Germany, Austria-hungary, Ottoman Empire

Wilson and Lenin


President WIlson intervenes on the side of the Entente; Bolsheviks led by Lenin take power in Russia

14 point peace plane on Entente powers

1919 - 1920

The US senate rejects particpation in the league of nations

Axis Powers form

1930 - 1945

Gernany, Italy, Japan form the Axis Powers. (Hitler [racial purification], Mussolin [empire]i, miliary dominated Japan [empire])



Japan invades China's Manchuria (Northeastern province)

Japan and China go to War


Formal War Breaks out between Japan and China

World War 2

1937 - 1945

World War 2 in the Pacific breaks out, 1941 becomes a global conflict

Allies are formed

1939 - 1945

Britain and France aligned against the Axis

Pearl Harbor


Japan attack on Pearl Harbor, United sates formally into World War 2. US joins Allies

Cold War

1945 - 1989

Political war between Soviet and U.S.. Arms Race, Ends with the rapid collapse of socialist regimes in eastern Europe followed two years later by the demise of the soviet union itself

Formal subordination to formal independence

1945 - 1970

Imperial control collapsing