my mini me

this is wear we all talk about are lifes in the past and the present and what we think were going to do in the future


day of birth

march 25 1998

this is the day when i first saw life withmy own eyes

learned how to do stuff on my own

september 3 1998 - october 26 1999

this is when i learned how to use the bathroom, walk, talk, and learn stuff

my first dog

july 15 1999 - march 7 2006

this was my first dog my parents had the dog before i was born i never realise it was a dog untill i started learning stuff on my own

first at day care

september 4 2001

this was the weirdest time of my life is because i went there and there was all kinds of different children and all of them were obnoctious

the first day i moved into a house

february 14 2002

the first time i earned a reward

may 13 2002

this was like some kind of reward for like being a good student but im not sure what it was called

the first school ive been to

August 28 2002 - may 29 2003

this is my first time ive ever went to pre school

the first elementry school

august 28 2003 - december 17 2007

this whole time i was in my school in north carolina before i mover to myrtle beach kindagarden through half of 4th

when i moved into my new house in myrtle beach

december 28 2007

this is when i took a 4 hour drive to mrtle beach from graham north carolina

my first intermediate school

January 3 2008 - june 4 2009

at first i didnt know what was happening because people switching to different classes i think called math rite or something, inever did that in graham