Timeline of the Middle Ages


Charles the Great named Emporer

800 - 814

King charlemagne was crowned as the first Holy Roman Emporer. This is impertant because it is the first recorded time that someone got the title of Holy Roman Emporer. While in office he became extremely fat. WHen he died he exloded in his coffin.

Battle of hastings

1066 - 1067

Battle was between Norman conquest of England and Duke William II of Normandy. In the battle it is said that William II was shot in the eye. In the end it was the first and the last successfull invasion of Britian. Never again was Great Britian successfully been taken over.

Pope Urban II Calls For the First Crusade


Pope Urban II calls for the first crusade because the Turks and Muslims are terrorizing Romania. He also says, "...destroy the vile race from the land..." This is how strongly he felt about the muslims and Turks.

The first crusade

1096 - 1099

The first crusades started with all favors pointing toward the Turks. But when the Christians found the lance that supposedly peirced jesus' side they got a new sence of hope and came came back and pushed them out of their lands. This crusade stunned the whole world and was a turning point in the crusades.

European capture of Jerusalem


The Christian forces killed 70,000 muslims that had allready lived in the christian cities. This was the first time Jerusalem had been taken by a group of people. After this event Jerusalem was faught over for many years before it was finallt taken over for good by the muslims.

The second crusade

1144 - 1150

In this crusade over one million people were involved, this is the most people that got envolved in any of the crusades.After this crusade people started to realize that they werent really fighting a wholy war they weree fighting for the popes selfish desires. In this crusade saladin built up an army and took back Jerusalem.

The Third Crusade

1189 - 1192

This crusade included two great war leaders who had great respect for eachother. The first being Richard the Lion Hearted who is described at the time period as"He was tall in stature, of shapely build, with hair between red and yellow. His limbs were straight and flexible; his arms somewhat long; he had long legs." This was written at the time of the Third Crusade. The second person involved was saladin he was described as "No orphan ever came to him without Saladin offering to provide the same amount of care as his father had done. He treated old people kindly and generously." This was written by Baha' ad-Din Ibn Shaddad, a Muslim writer who lived in the court of Saladin. This Crusade ended in a truce and split the holy land in two parts. This was the first time that people started pilgramages

The Fourth Crusade

1202 - 1204

Pope "not" inocent III excomunicated all who didnt listen. He attacked the christian city of constantinople, and started looting and killing all christians. This resulted in the even further seperation of the east and west.

Childrens crusade


The childrens crusade had two main leaders. The firsts name was Nicholas of Germany it resulted in the emporer telling them to just go back home. But in the words of an old chronicler "even bolts and bars could not hold them back". The second one was more rewarding they were praised the whole way down but it resulted with the emporer telling them to go back again. In the end the childrens crusade really put christian belief back into the crusades

The fifth sixth sevnth and eighth crusades

1215 - 1272

This crusade all started because the taxes were raised to a penny a week which made each week hard for the peasents. What happend next could have resulted in the end of all the crusades. It was that saladins nephew wanted the crusades to be over so he offered away the holy lands. To everyones surprise the pope said no and it resulted in three more crusades after tis one was done. the fifth crusade ended with the christians picking a bad camping spot and getting washed away by a high tide. The result of all the crusades was the muslims getting full control of the holy land and the christians getting stuck with nothing.