World War I



June 28, 1914

Serbia vs. Austria-Hungary, Black Hand Society assassinates archduke Franz.

Ottoman's joined the war

October 21, 1914

Ottomans joined the war

Christmas Truce

December 25, 1914

Germany vs. Britain and France, a ceasefire and christmas day, fought along the western front

Battles of Isonzo

1915 - 1917

Austria-Hungary vs. Italy, 12 battles, Italy did not win, fought in Slovenia and part of Italy.

Italy joining the war


Looked for the greater deal.

Second Battle of Ypres

April 22, 1915 - May 25, 1915

Germans vs. France, fought in the town of Ypres Belgium, first time the Germans used a large scale gas attack.


April 25, 1915 - January 9, 1916

Britain and France vs. Ottomans, fought in the Gallipoli peninsula, one of the greatest victories for the Ottomans.


May 7, 1915

Germany torpedoed her claiming the lives of 1198, an unwarned passenger ship.

Battle of Verdun

Feb 1916 - Dec 1916

Germany vs. France, one of the longest and most devastating battle, fought on the Western Front. The flame thrower was introduced.

Battle of Jutland

May 1916 - June 1916

Royal Navy, and Australian Navy, and Canadian Navy vs. Germany's Navy, largest naval battle in WWI, fought in the North Sea.

Sussex Pledge

May 4, 1916

Germany vs. USA, USA would enter the war if they continued torpedoing ships unwarned.

Brusilov Offensive

June 1916 - September 1916

Russia, vs. Ottomans, Austria-Hungary, and Germany, Russia's greatest battle, fought in Serbia.

Battle of the Somme

July 1916 - November 1916

Britain and France vs. Germany, 1 million casualties, fought to relieve pressure on Verdun, fought at the Somme river.

First Battle of the Atlantic

January 1917

When Germany resumed Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, Germany vs. Britain, brought USA into the war, fought in the Atlantic.

Battles of Gaza

March 1917 - April 1917

Tried to knock the Ottomans out of the war, Britain vs. Ottoman Empire, fought in Palestine.

Russian Revolution

March 1917

Czar Nicholas II abdicates, VI Lenin returns to Russia and seizes control. In November there are Peace negotiations with Germany.

The Second Battle of the Somme

April 1917 - May 1917

France vs. Germany, the French fought to secure underground quarries, fought Northeast of Paris.

German Spring Offensive

March 1918 - July 1918

Allies vs. Germany, Germany's last ditch effort to win the war before the USA joined the war, fought in Northern France and Belgium.

Second Battle of the Marne

July 1918 - August 1918

France, USA, Britain, and Italy vs. Germany, beginning of the end of world war one, Fought at the Marne River.

War is over

November 11, 1918

Paris Peace Conference


Allied victors, setting the peace terms for the defeated central powers.