AP Euro Semester 2 Timeline Ch.19 P.5


Campaign in Egypt

1798 - 1801

Napoleon took control of Egypt.
Research and discoveries.
Defeated by the British.
French stranded in Egypt.
Napoleon escapes in August 1799 and leaves troops in Egypt.



Emotion and Imagination.
Architecture: House of Parliament in London.
Art: Raft of Medusa.
Literature: Walter Scott-Ivanhoe-Theodore Gericault.
Mary Shelley-Frankenstein
Edgar Allan Poe-A Tell Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Raven.

Consulate in France

1799 - 1804

Ended revolution in France.
Abolished hereditary privilege.
Allowed Third Estate to achieve wealth, status, and security for their property.
Allowed peasants to gain the land that they had always wanted and had destroyed oppressive feudal privileges.

Constitution of the Year VIII

December 1799

Established the rule of one man - First Consul

Concordat of 1801


Concordat with Pope Pius VII.
Required the refractory clergy and those who had accepted the revolution to resign.
Declared, "Catholicism is the religion of the great majority of French citizens."
Church under government power.
Religious freedom.

Napoleonic Code


Safeguarded all forms of property.
Tried to secure French society against internal challenges.
Privileges based on birth remained abolished.
Equality before the law.
Religious tolerance.
End to feudalism.
Women lost many of their rights.

Crowning of Napoleon


Pope Pius VII came to coronation and then agreed that Napoleon should crown himself.
The emperor's power and authority was to be seen as not dependent on the church.

Napoleon's Empire

1804 - 1812

Leadership skills, large armies, and surprise tactics.
Replaced Holy Roman Empire with French-controlled Federation of the Rhine.
Cut off half of Prussia - Grand Duchy of Warsaw.
Conquered throne rulers were French supporters.
Nationalism grew with success.

Battle of Trafalgar

October 21, 1805

France tried to invade Great Britain.
French defeated by Horatio Nelson at the battle.
Nelson was killed in this naval battle.

Continental System


No trade between the European continent and Great Britain.
Great Britain responds with blockades.
Continental System failed because European countries wanted and needed trade - black market.

Treaty of Tilsit


Russia becomes an ally of Napoleon.
Prussia lost half its territory.

Battle of Wagram


French victory.
Deprived Austria of much territory and 3.5 million subjects.

Invasion of Russia


Napoleon assembles army of 600,000 soldiers to invade Russia.
Russians use scorched-earth policy to starve the Grande Armee.
Napoleon pulled out and returned with only 20,000 soldiers.

Quadruple Alliance


Alliance of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia.
Defeated Napoleon at the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig.

Napoleon exiled to Elba


Abdicated and exiled to Elba in the Mediterranean.

Congress of Vienna

September, 1814 - June, 1815

Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia sought to:
Restore the Old Regime
Establish a balance of power

Battle of Waterloo


In Belgium.
Napoleon was defeated.
Exiled to St. Helena.

Exiled to St. Helena


Napoleon exiled to St. Helena in the South Pacific.
Died in 1821 on St. Helena.

Escape from Elba

March 1, 1815

French army was still loyal to their former emperor.
Regained French power and promised a liberal constitution and a peaceful foreign policy.
Napoleon declared an outlaw.

The Hundred Days

March 20, 1815

Napoleon marched triumphantly into Paris.
Made the peace settlement harsher for France.