Napoleon Timeline


Concordat with the Roman Church

1804 - 1812

this agreement with the roman church and napoleon asserted his power above the church and brought back the ideal of state supremacy but also concluded that catholicism was to be the religion of the majority of the french people.

Napoleon I

1804 - 1814

was the absoulte ruler of France. he used his grand army to control most of europe including spain but not portugal. during his reign he used the ideals from the enlightenment and was thus considered the greatest enlightened despot that will ever live.

Treaty of Tilst


this treaty signed in 1807 created the alligance of russia and prussia after this document confirmed more of frances gaining of more lands.

Invasion of Russia

1810 - 1813

napoleon started his march with his grand army into russia with a near 600,000 troops. however the russians used a scorthed earth battle technique which would then ridden all supplies and food for the french troops. this then weakend the army and lasted the war until winter. with the russian winter the russians were able to dessimate the french troops and napoleon returned to france with around less than 100k troops.

Period of the hundered Days

1814 - 1815

the period of the hundered day was napoleons return from his first exile from the island of Elba and ended in the battle of waterloo.

Battle of Waterloo


was during the period of the hundred day in which napoleon returned from his first exile. this was his final battle and ended up in his final and permanent exile to St. Helena