VMware Purchase History


Anthony Engages Aimee on VMware initiative


Anthony informs me that the organization will need VMware to virtualize several EDGE servers.

First meeting with VMware Account Team


Jack Davis the VMware representative responsible for eHealth comes to 40 Worth to discuss eHealth's roadmap & VMware's roadmap

Meeting with VMware Account Team


VMware brought several technical resources to dive deeper into vCOPs, Springsource, and vCloud Director

Deemed ineligible for GSA discount


Charles Vento, controller at time, told Anthony the organization was not eligible for GSA pricing.

VMware call


VMware technical resources joined a call with Anthony to determine limitations of VMware management system at the application layer.

First VMware Proposal Sent


First VMware proposal was sent based on vSphere only and 12 hosts; discount was 20% off SW 5% off maintenance.

Notification of Technical Review


Anthony informed team that at this time more technical validation would be needed to prove virtualization was necessary. Discussions were postponed.

Anthony reengages Aimee on VMware


Anthony notifies me that the technical assessment performed by ehealth confirmed that virtualization was necessary

Meeting with VMware Account Team


Kick off call to discuss updated needs. At this time, vCloud Suite was introduced, as the number of hosts increased and both vCOPS and SRM were deemed necessary. Services were also discussed.

VMware Pricing Sent


With increased volume and end of year discounts; pricing was proposed at 35% off SW and 30% of maintenance.

VMware SOW sent


VMware's SOW included 37 days of planning, travel fees, and had no deliverables. It was determined to be a bad fit.

Final Pricing Submitted


With end of year rapidly approaching, compulink was able to push for a BAFO; at this time we were able to offer 42% off SW and 45% off Maintenance until 12/31/12

Signed Quote Recieved


After Anthony was able to get verbal approval he submitted a signed quote to Aimee.