Midterm - The World and Europe



2000 BCE - 1450 BCE


1500 bc

Athens beginning

800 bc

Kings were Etruscans

700 bc

Pisastratus enlarges The Athenian Dionysus Fest

690 bc

Draco codifies the laws

621 bc

Zoroastrianism introduced

600 bc

Solon becomes sole archon

594 bc

Cyrus defeats king of Lydia

546 bc

Cyrus defeats Caldean Emprire

540 bc

Darius-king of Persia

522 bc - 486 bc

Struggle of the Orders

509 bc

Rebellion on the island of Naxus

502 bc

Sparta & Athens fought Persian Empire

500 bc

city states in Latium form Latin League

493 bc

Darius is urged by Hippias to move into Thrace

492 bc

Persian War

Battle of Marathon - End of Persian War

490 bc

Persians try again and fail

Delian League's money goes to Delos

477 bc


470 bc - 379 bc


460 bc - 400 bc

fights in war - historian to the pelop war

Some poleis' want out of Delian league

454 bc

Athens lays siege - win

Herodotus exiled to Samos

450 bc

wrote The Histories

Acropolis gets more advanced

447 bc - 438 bc

delegations from Sparta demand Athens to not interfere in the Peloponnesian war

433 bc - 431 bc

Rome conquers Fidenae

426 bc

Athenian navy defeated @ Aegospotomi

405 bc

Rome besieges Veii

405 bc

Peace of warfare & hegemony

400 bc

Rome history begins - mythological

400 bc

Celtic people invade Gaul

387 bc

Battle of Leutra

371 bc

Sparta loses

Allies of Rome revolt

340 bc

Latin League dissolves

338 bc

35k men march to Asia Minor

234 bc

conquering Persia