My LIfe



Jan 18 1998

It was very cold and rainy on the night i was born in Monroville, Pennsylvania


July 7 2001 - July 12 2001

I went on vacation with my family to Florida when i was about 3

Disney World

April 16 2003 - April 23 2003

I went on a buisness trip with my dad to Orlando Florida and was able to go to disney world


October 9 2003

I moved from my house in Monroville, PA to East Pittsburgh, PA


January 18 2005

I had a huge party and all my friends were invited but no one came because there was a blizzard passing through my town


December 20 2006

I was the ring bearrer at my aunts wedding and got to ride in a limo for the first time

Moved Again

March 6 2007 - March 10 2007

Me and my parents moved from East Pittsburgh, PA and drove over 600 miles to Surfside Beach, SC


April 26 2007 - April 28 2007

Me and my dad drove to Raleigh, NC to get my dog otis from the airport

Trofical Storm

September 6 2008

Me and my parents drove to a friends house who was more inland because my parents thought that it was going to do some damage here

Moved Again Again

April 17 2009

My parents and i moved from Surfside Beach, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC

Middle School

August 23 2009

After moving to Myrtle Beach i had to go to school in a city that i didnt even know anyone in

7th Grade

August 21 2010

I went from 6th grade to 7th grade and i met a few of my friends that i have to day in 6th grade

8th Grade

August 24 2011

I went from 7th grade to 8th grade and uh... not much happened that i can remember

High School

August 22 2012

I went from 8th grade to 9th grade and it was a big step because i got to choose my classes

English Project

January 22 2013

I had to make this timeline about my life as the first project of the second semester for my english class. woo hoo!


January 24 2013

I took the test and i passed and got my drivers permit i can now drive a car (with a parent or gaurdian in the car) Yaaaaa!