World War


War began and assassination of the Arch Duke Ferinand


Tension had build up for years in which war began in Europe. The third source of tension was militarism for Europe to protect themselves they had to form rival alliance.
Arch Duke Ferdinand
-leads to world war 1
-The usa becomes neutral
-He was from austria hungary.
His wife was killed.



The Germans use a very strong and powerful of a weapon in which is a ship that attacked any ship that entered or left British ports. To enforce the blockade.

Woodrow Wilson


Woodrow Wilson had tried to bring peace to both sides in which he tried to keep the U.S. out of war, He became president in 1916 because he wanted to bring peace.

War comes


The president went before Congress on April 2, 1917 to ask for a declaration of war. On May 18,11917 Congress passed a law called Selective Service Act in which it required all men from the ages of (21-30) to register for the military draft.(draft- a law requiring people of a certain age to service in the military.)

War ends


In September people were starting to believe that the war could not end. So an armistice is an agreement to stop fighting.First the nations had to agree n give up power or abdicate. On November 11,1918 at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month World War 1 had ended at last.

Great Depression

1929 - 1941

-Hard times that followed the crash.
-some of the cause were
-Factories closed or laid off workers

Begining of world war 2


Congress passed a law named the Neutrality Act in which the law keeps out U.S. of foreign conflicts.

The start of invasions.

  • Germany invades Poland.
  • U.S. stays neutral.

U.S. enters war.


-Japanese bombs Pearl Harbor in the U.S.
- Sunday morning, Dec. 7,1941 in hawaii.
- 19 damaged American ships,destroyed almost 200

planes, and killed about 2,400 people.
-U.S. enters war on Allied Side.
-Allied Side -Britain,France,soviet union, U.S., China, and 45 other countries.

U.S. production

  • War Production Board
    • factories helped make guns, ships, aircraft, and other war materials. -For example automobiles makers switched to producing tanks and trucks. -Nazi Leaders said "Americans can' t build planes, only electric iceboxes and razor blades." -But the leaders were wrong cause American workers produced more than 48,000 planes and shipped more than 8 million tons of goods which proved to Nazis leaders that they was wrong about what they had said.
  • The government had to put a rationing or limit on th goods that you could buy. -More than 20 million victory garden were produce for the war. -The government had to raise up taxes for the war. -Also at the Battle of Midway U.S. defeats Japan.

Allies Advance

1943 - 1944




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