1870 - 1914

is a policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economic and political affairs of weaker countries or regions.

great war

1914 - 1918

it was the the first war that became know as the first world war I. this war pitted the central powers and allied powers.

the assassination of archduke francis


it leads to World War 1

The U.S remains neutral.
his wife die to during that time in Austria Hungary



German submarine sinks the Lusitania.
nearly 1;200 people die including American citizens.

President Wilson

1916 - 1920

Avoiding war.
president Wilson win reelection.
one million are killed and wounded in the battle of Verdun.

The united states enters the war

1917 - 1921

The Russian Revolution begins.

world war 2

1935 - 1945

congress the first neutrality act the law is intended o keep out of foreign conflics.

japan and germany

1937 - 1939

japan launches an all out war against china. world war II begins as germany invades poland. although the united states remains neutral president roosevelt seeks to aid he allies such as britain and france.

france and japanese

1940 - 1941

France surrenders to Germany. Japanese planes bomb the united states fleet at pearl Harbor Hawaii. the next day the united States enters World War II on the Allied side.

United States and Britain and d day

1942 - 1944

the United States Navy defeats japan at the Battle of Midway. Britain defeats German force in Egypt. on d day June 6 Allied troops land at Normandy in France. Within a few months France is liberated from the Nazis.

1944 - 1945

1944 - 1945

Germany troops are driven out of the Soviet Union. World War II ends with the surrender of Germany in May and Japan in September.

cold war

1946 - 1948

united states planes break a soviet blockade by bringing desperately needed food, fuel, and supplies to the people of Berlin. The philippines gain its independence from the United States.

cold war


the people of this was the Philippines.they also had to deal with there own colony . The Philippines had struggled to preserve a democratic government.


1950 - 1959

The Korean war begins. Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba.


great depression

1929 - 1941

the stock market crash but this didn't cause the great depression but it took peoples confidence in the economy.

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