Timeline About My Life



October 3 1996

The beginning of my life.

Lived in the house on Patrick Henry

August 4 1997 - March 12 2003

I've spent a major portion of my life in this house. I had the most one on one time with my parents as well. It was nice and homey.

Conner's Birth

May 9 2001

My first brother. He's a rambunctious little creature.

Moved to Caribou Run Lane

4/15/2003 - 06/19/2009

I lived in this house for what seems like forever. It was much larger than the old one, and it was in a subdivision with some pretty nice people. I miss it a lot.


October 3 2012

The sixteenth birthday is when a boy turns into a man. Or something ritualistic like that.


October 16 2012

My mom's wedding with Elton Clifton. Hooray for 3 more brothers.

A long bus ride

01/04/2013 - 01/06/2013

After taking a break from school I took another mental health break from school. I took this opportunity to get a bus ticket and ride all the way from Batavia to Athens to see my aunt and uncle. This was a pretty big thing for me since I was alone.


January 14 2013

So I went to the doctors and apparently I have moderate depression. Cool beans! Life changing almost.

Ohio University?

January 1 2016

Who knows. I went to go see it in Athens and the campus looks fantastic. I'd definitely love to go there and see what happens.

Game Design?

January 1 2020

Gosh, who knows what I'll major in and get a degree in? It's a little hard to predict the future when you're this tired. Try again later.