U.S. Political History


King George Takes the Throne


He wanted to take as much money as he could from The American Colonies.Putting on harsh taxes



When George took the throne this concept was used to get all the Money they could out of the America's

Stamp Act


Required colonist to attach expensive tax stamps to all newspapers and legal documents. Colonists wouldn't follow the British taxes.

Government fought the intolerable acts

September 1774

Colonies sent delegates to Philadelphia at the first continental congress. Sent a letter to King George demanding their rights back. He refused the demand.

Lexington and Concord


Loyal citizens where now being shot at by British soldiers, colonist began to question attachment with the British government.

First continental congress meets

May 1775

Not everyone wanted independence when they met. People believed that the colonies wouldn't win a war against Great Britain. They spentnmonths on this topic

Declaration of Independence

July 4 1776

American colonies were now independent in theory but weren't actually till the won the war with the British

Articles of confederation


Congress created the articles and it made a system of cooperation among independent states. It had a one house legislature

Ratifying of the Articles


Each state had approved of the Articles of confederation by 1781. But the articles had many problems which needed to be fixed

Shays rebellion


Taxes became heavy, that's when Daniel Shay and and 1,000 framers marched on the federal arsenal in Springfield to lower taxes