Important Events of My Life



February 9, 1995

Brother, Hunter, was born

September 17, 1997

First Trip to Disney


First Broken Bone

June 1998

Broke my arm jumping on my bed

First Stitches

August 1998

I was playing with bubbles in the sink, I slipped had to get stitches on my chin. (Fun fact: I got out of a straight jacket in the ER)

Started Preschool

August 1999

Got my First Pet


Got my cat Pixie

Started Kindergarten and Dance Classes

August 2000

Broke Wrist

August 2000

Yes, I was a klutzy child. I climbed onto my brother's Flintstones car and fell on concrete.

Started wearing Glasses and Braces


Dad was diagnosed with Lupus and Hospitalized


Got My First Dog


Got Carmelita

Moved From Pembroke Pines to Lakeland

July 2005

Started Pointe in Dance


Started dancing on pointe, (toe shoes)

Started Middle School

August 2006

First Nutcracker Performance

December 2006

Accepted into Harrison for Dance

April 2009

Diagnosed with GAD

December 20, 2010

Diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder


February 10, 2011

Day after 16th birthday, passed out. EMTs thought I had a seizure, ultimately I passed out of exhaustion since for the pass months I barely ate, slept, and was extremely stressed and had anxiety problems.

Left Harrison Started School at LHS

April 2012

Start Job at Publix


Graduate from LHS

June 1 2013

Start College at USF

August 2013

Graduate Pharmacy School