Book One .2

This is our 2nd out of many more to come, attempts on a good accurate timeline.


Main points in their lives.

Skylar Born


Asrael Born


Misidian Academy

31,978 - 31,991

Primary and Middle School for Skylar.
Before the Sophos Naval Academy.


31,979 - 31,991

Sophos Naval Academy

31,991 - 31,996

-Asrael accepted on terms of Imperial Prerogative.
-Skylar accepted on terms of Skill and Wit.
-Asrael and Skylar meet and are dorm mates while here. They spend 5 years at the academy together.
-Skylar goes on to graduate and become a Lieutenant in the Imperium's Navy aboard the Battleship "Calypso"
-Asrael goes on to graduate and be given the Ceremonial Title of Commodore. He then goes back home for the next 4 years. Before they meet again after so long.

Liuetenant Blackfyre

31,996 - 31,999

Skylar Blackfyre is a Liuetenant onboard the Imperium Starship "Calypso" but after the battle of Assur he is promoted to the rank of Commander aboard the "Valiance".

Senator Vinaerys

31,996 - 32,002

After graduating from the Sophos Naval Academy, Asrael is swiftly put into the Senate representing the planet of Astra for the Imperium.
Asrael will remain at this position until his mother, the Empress Evelyn decides to send him to the Collosion Matriarchy as an ambassador.

Commander Blackfyre

31,999 - 32,004

Promoted to Commander after the Battle of Assur in which he showed great courage.
He is transferred from the Battleship "Calypso" to the Star Runner "Valiance".
During the year 32,001 after 2 years aboard the "Valiance" the Battle of Stellara erupts and Skylar decides to lead a mutiny aboard the "Valiance".
Skylar and the other officers aboard the "Valiance" successfully wrest control of the ship from Admiral Davin Kirst.

Christening of the "Orion"


The larges Imperium Starship to date. (Valour Class)
Politely borrowed by Kratos while he and the other Imperialists make their escape from Astra when Promisceron launches the Revolution.
Kratos pleads with Evelyn to board the ship and leave but she famously says "

Ambassador Vinaerys

32,002 - 32,004

Asrael serves as the Imperium's ambassador to the Matriarchy.
As soon as he learns of his mother's death, he flees to the newly formed Confederation of Systems in the Eastern portion of the Galaxy where Skylar unbeknownst to Asrael is one of the leaders.

Fate or Coincidence


Asrael flees the Collosion Matriarchy upon his mother's death.
He flees aboard his ship the "Silver Star".
He makes his way to the Confederation of Systems and to the border system of Dux Sacer where a Confederation fleet intercepts his ship and he is boarded by none other than Commander Skylar Blackfyre. They have dinner aboard the "Valiance" where they begin to reminece about their time together at Sophos Naval Academy, and how long it had been since they had seen one another (4 years).
Asrael tells Skylar that there is trouble in the Imperium and now the CoS is fighting a "new" enemy named Promisceron.


The War between the Imperium and the Republic.


The Nations timeline for our book.


The rulers and leaders of the nations.