Rome is founded by Romulus and Remus

753 B.C.

Etruscans Establish Monarchy

600 BC

Tarquin the Proud is kicked out

509 bc

Twelve Tables

451 bc

Rome Conquers Italy

265 bc

First Punic War

264 bc - 241 bc

The Punic Wars

264 bc - 126 bc

Second Punic War

218 Bc - 202 bc

Third Punic War

149 bc - 146 bc

Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus

133 bc - 121 bc

Social War

90 bc - 88 bc

Civil War between Marius and Sulla

88 bc - 79 bc

Sulla becomes Dictator

82 bc

Spartacus Revolts

73 bc - 71 bc

Rome Controls the Mediterranean

70 bc

Pompey and Crassus become Consuls

70 bc - 62 bc

Rule of the First Triumvirate

60 bc

Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus

Julius Caesar is Governor of Gaul

58 bc - 50 bc

Civil War between Pompey and Caesar

49 bc - 46 bc

Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon

49 bc

Julius Caesar named Dictator for Life

44 bc

Ides of March

44 bc

Death and assassination of Julius Caesar, March 15

Battle of Actium

31 bc

Battle between Mark Antony and Cleopatra against Augustus

Pax Romana

27 bc - 180

Time of Peace started by Augustus


14 ad - 37 ad

Adopted son of Augustus who became the next emperor. Holds treason and not liked and not interested in politics


37 ad - 41 ad

Mentally disturbed and very violent. Heir to Tiberius and assassinated after a short, brutal reign.


41 ad - 54 ad

Physically handicapped and had a stutter but very smart and a good ruler.


54 ad - 68 ad

Good administrator but viscous. Murdered many, persecuted Christians, and committed suicide


81 ad - 96 ad

Ruled dictatorially, feared treason everywhere and executed many. Was assassinated


96 ad - 98 ad

First good emperor, began custom of adopting heir


98 ad - 117 ad

Empire reached its greatest extent, undertook vast building program, and enlarged social welfare


117 - 138

Consolidated earlier conquests and reorganized the bureaucracy

Antonius Pius

138 - 161

Reign was largely a period of peace and prosperity

Marcus Aurelius

161 - 180

Last of the 5 good emperors. Brought Empire to the height of economic prosperity, defeated invaders, and wrote philosophy


Abraham makes covenant with God

2000 bc

Jews flee from Egypt

1300 bc - 1200 bc

Hebrews migrated because of drought, famine, and they were fleeing from slavery. Moses led them from Egypt and received the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.

Hebrews Unite Under Three Kings

1020 bc - 922 bc

Saul-drove out Philistines from Palestine.
David-popular leader, united the tribes, made Jerusalem capitol, beat Goliath, and founded a dynasty.
Solomon-built huge trading empire, built walls around Jerusalem, beautified Jerusalem; grand temple, costly royal palace.

Israel and Judah Pay Tribute to Assyria

728 bc

Aryans begin Siege of Samaria

725 bc

Israel falls to Assyrians

722 bc

Jerusalem falls to Babylon

586 bc

Persian King Cyrus Conquers Babylon and Allows Jews Back to Jerusalem

539 bc

Work on 2nd Temple was Done

515 bc

Walls of Jerusalem were Rebuilt

445 bc