The Timeline of Don Carlos Diego y Trastámara


Under the Black Shroud

1464 - 1483

Unreleased Childer, Under the black shroud.


1484 - 1485

Released as Childe, made formal Invictus

Spain Period

Birth of Don Carlos Diego y Trastámara


Mortal Birth in Castille Spain, a member of House Trastámara of the House of Aragon.

Embraced by Alder Erik Winterss


Embarks on Voyage with Christopher Columbus

1490 - 1493

Mesmerises Christopher Columbus to come to Puerto Rico. He brings along a small stable of ghouled slaves.

Puerto Rico Time

Lands in Puerto Rico


Begins to establish his manse/plantation in Puerto Rico.

Meets Sapphire / Anne Calbine played by Lyri Bladedancer (???)

1910 - 1911

Meets Sapphire a circus dancer who he becomes mesmerized by. He offers her trivial boons and other favors to entice her to stay with him in Puerto Rico, but soon the love ends and she moves on!