Eugene's Indian Act


The Gradual Civilization Act


Any First Nation men who was literate, smart and of good moral character may be awarded with 59 acres of reserve land. They have full ownership, but cannot sell that piece of land.

New Process For Leadership


The Canadian Government introduced the voting system to pick the new chief every two years.

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act


The Gradual Enfranchisement Act was set by the government who wants the First Nations people to assimilate and give up their treaty status. The act used to be a voluntary system, but the First Nations people didn't respond as the government would have liked, so then the enfranchisement was compulsory to certain people.

Indian Act


The Canadian government announced the Indian Act to place and colonize First Nations people in different reserves. It was nothing like an treaty, which is an agreement between the First Nations and the British Crown. Instead the First Nations thought of it as a form of protection and preservation.

Department of Indian Affairs


The Department of Indian Affairs was introduced to look after the Government of Canada's responsibilities under the Indian Act.

Industrial / Residential Schools


The schools were built to assimilate the First Nations children . In 1923, the Industrial schools were known as Residential schools.

Provisions to the Indian Act


This act was designed to punish First Nations who attends religious dances and ceremonies.

Provisions To The Residential School


Any First Nations children would HAVE to attend the residential school.