Sophia's Indian Act


The Gradual Civilization Act


Any First Nations male who was free of debt, (which are things that are owed) literate and of good moral character could be awarded full ownership (owned but not to be sold) of 59 acres of reserve land. The main goal of this act was to have the First Nations assimilate (to turn into without the correct skin color).

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act


This act increased government control of on-reserve political systems which are political systems that are on the government's reserve.

New Process For Leadership


The Canadian Government brought in the voting system for the council and chief which took place every 2 years. Now the First Nations could not use their traditional way of selecting a new leader.

Indian Act


The Indian Act starts. The Indian Act was put to place by the Canadian government to control many First Nations lives.

Department Of Indian Affairs


This act was created to administer the Government of Canada's responsibilities and Indian agents were to regulate and enforce the Indian Act.

Industrial Schools


Industrial or Residential schools ran from 1883~1923. Industrial/Residential schools were used to eliminate or destroy First Nations kids cultural backgrounds.

Provisions To The Indian Act


Provisions to the Indian Act were made to discourage and punish First Nations peoples for participating in cultural practices.

Provisions To The Industrial/ Residential Schools


First Nations children had no choice, they had to go to these schools. In the schools, the white tried to get the children forget their cultural beliefs and practices.