Katrina's Indian Act


The Gradual Civilization Act


The main idea of The Gradual Civilization Act was to turn all First Nations into white people.

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act


The main idea of the gradual enfranchisement act was to get the Indians to give up their treaty status. This was originally a voluntary thing but then they made it so every Indian had to do it.

New Process for Leadership


The Canadian Government introduced the voting system for chief and council. This took place every 2 years; this system took place of normal voting system.

Indian Act


The First Nations took his as the white people going against them to turn them into white people.

Department of Indian Affairs


There were special Indian agents that would watch over the Indians to make sure they would follow the rules.

Provisions To The Indian Act


Provisions to the Indian act was designed to punish the Indians for participating in cultural events like dancing.

Residential Schools


Residential schools were put in place to send Indian kids away from there parents to go to school. Residential schools basically put in place to take kids and turn them into white people. First Nations parents would be send to jail if they did not send there kids to residential schools.

Major Amendments to The Indian Act


The 1951 amendments removed some of the provisions including banning dancers and ceremonies.