Umair's Indian Act Timeline


Gradual Civilization Act


Any First Nations made who was free of debit, literate and of good moral character could be awarded full ownership of 59 acres of reserve land.

Gradual Enfranchisement Act


This act increased government control of on reserve political system.

The Indian Act


The Indian Act was put into place by the Canadian government which regulated and controlled many aspect of First Nation

Administrative Power


The department of Indian Affairs was created to administer the Government of Canada's responsibilities under the Indian Act.

Industrial Schools Changed To Residential Schools


Industrial schools ran from 183-1923.After 1923 the schools were known as "Residential School."

Culltural Heritage


Provisions to the Indian Act 1884 were designed to discourage and punished First Nation peoples for participating in cultural practices such as dancing.

First Nation Children


Provisions to this act in 1894 provided for compulsory school attendance of First Nation children.

The Amendments


They removed some of the provisions in the legislation, including the banning of dances and ceremonies.

Bill C`31


Bill C`31 was introduced which allowed First Nation women to marry non-Status or non-First Nations men without losing their Indian status.