Cruz's Indian Act


The Gradual Civilization Act (1857)


The main goal of this act was to have the First Nations assimilate, and eventually through assimilation cause the disappearance of the First Nations communities.

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act


The sole purpose of this act was to encourage First Nations peoples to assimilate and give up their treaty status.

The Indian Act of 1876


The sole purpose of the act was to assimilate and colonize First Nations peoples.

Cultural Heritage


Provisions to the Indian Act were designed to discourage and punish First Nations peoples for participating in cultural practices such as dancing.

Industrial/Residential Schools


Part of the federal government assimilation policy focused on eliminating First Nations children's cultural beliefs and practices.

Bill C-31


Bill C-31 was introduced which allowed First Nations women to marry non-Status or non-First Nations men without losing their Indian status.