NoahW Indian Act


Gradual Civilization Act

1857 - 1869

The goal of this was to assimilate and cause disappearance of the First Nations.

New Process For Leadership


The Canadian government introduced the voting system for the chief and council this took place every 2 years.

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act


The purpose of this was to assimilate and make the First Nations give up their treaty status.

Contemporary Indian Act


The 1876 act including education, membership, elections for band government, taxation, liquor restrictions and management of First Nations lands and recources.

The Indian Act


The Indian act was put into place by the Canadian government.

The Administrative Powers


The 1880 Department of Indian affairs was created to administer the Government of Canada's responsibilities under the Indian act.

Cultural Heritage Act


The goal was to discourage and punish First Nations for participating in cultural things.

Residential Schools


This was made to eliminate First Nations children's culture.

The Conclusion Of The Indian Act


The amendments removed some of the provisions in the legislation, including the banning of dances and ceremonies and the prohibition on pursing claims against the government.

Bill C-31


Bill C-31 was introduced which allowed First Nations women non-Status or non-First Nations men without losing their Indian status