Cody's Indian Act

This is a timeline of the Indian Act of 1876


The Gradual Civilization Act


Any First Nations male who was free of this debt, could be awarded full ownership. So they could get extra things. They would not be a legal First Nation anymore, they would be a part of the white.

New Process To Leadership


In 1869, the Canadian Government brought in the voting system for chief and the council which took place every two years. This system replaced the traditional forms of choosing First Nations leadership.

The Gradual Enfranchisement Act Starts


This whole purpose of this act is to assimilate the First Nations to give up there treaty status.

Contemporary Indian Act


The Indian Act still effects lives and still is a part of Canadian legislation.

The Indian Act Has Started


The white people (The Crown) made the Indian Act behind the First Nations back so they could not keep there normal ways.

Administrative Powers


By 1880 the Department of Indian Affairs was created to administer the Government of Canada's responsibilities under the Indian Act.

Provisions To The Indian Act


These were designed to punish the First Nations if they were doing cultural things.

Industrial / Residential Schools


These schools are for the First Nation children, so they can completely forget about there ways and turn into Christians.

Bill C-31


In 1985, Bill C-31 was introduced which allowed First Nation women to marry non - First Nation men and won't lose there Indian Status, vice versa