Philip's Indian Act Time Line

My project on the Indian Act!


The Gradual Civilization Act


First Nation men out of debt could be awarded full ownership but not able to sell 59 acres of reserve. The main goal was to assimilate and to cause the disappearance of First Nations.

Gradual Enfranchisement Act Starts


The main purpose of the Gradual Enfranchisement Act was to assimilate and give up their treaty status.

The Indian Act Is Started


The Indian Act was put into place by the British Crown in 1876.

Administrative Powers


The Department of Indian Affairs was created to administer the Government of Canada's responsibilities under the Indian Act.

Industrial Schools

1883 - 1923

Provisions to this act in 1894 provided for compulsory school attendance of First Nations children.

Provisions to The Indian Act


Provisions to The Indian Act were designed to discourage and punish First Nations Peoples for participating in cultural practices like Ceremonies.

First Nations Peoples Banned From Ceremonies


First Nations are banned from conducting or participating in First Nations spiritual ceremonies.

Industrial Schools are Changed to Residential Schools


Industrial Schools changed to Residential Schools.

Major Amendments Made to the Indian Act


Changes made to the Indian Act Provisions can dance again.

First Nations Women can Marry Without Losing Their Status


Bill C-31 was introduced which allowed First Nations women to marry non-Status or non-First Nations men without losing their Indian status.