Ancient Roots of American Government


First city-state arise in Sumer

3000 BC - 2300 BC

Each Sumerian city and the land around it became a seperate city-state, and each city had it's own government and was not part of a lager government. It was a evolutionary system because they worshipped the gods and they grew and expanded over time. In each city-state there was one ruler. The people were split up into three social classes, the upper class which is the kings and priest, the middle class which were the merchants and farmers, and the lower class which were the enslaved people who worked on the farms.

Sargon of Akkad Formed Empire

2300 BC - 2279 BC

Sargon of Akkad came into Sumer and used force theory to gain control of them. He was the sole ruler and controled the people.

Hammurabi's Code

1795 BC - 1750 BC

Hammurabi's Code was the Babalonians law. It had 282 laws in it and it was in the format of an eye for an eye punishment. They had judges and you could present evidence in cases. They were very god oriented as well.


550 BC

They became a direct democracy. It was one of the first known democracies.

Roman Republic

509 BC

The Roman Republic had a republic government. They had a seperation of powers and a seris of checks and balances. Over time a constitution was formed. All offices were limited to one year of office so that one perrson would never have all the power for a long period of time.

Roman Empire

27 BC - 393

The Roaman Empire had an autocratic government. They had an emperor who had total control over everything.

Feudalism began in Europe


There was one ruler in Europe which was a king when the feudal type of government came into Europe. The king had total control over the land, and the people were divided into social classes.

Rise of Absolute Monarchies

1589 - 1715

The rise of absolute Monarchies was when many kings, and emperors secured supreme rule.

English civil war

1642 - 1651

The war was between parliment and the king. Parliment won and it was established that the king could not act without parliment's concent.

Glorious Revolution in England


The Glorious Revolution was the overthrowing of King James the second by Parliment.

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

After the american revolution the Americans made the Constitution and they formed a democratic government where the people would have a say in the government.