Tyson Neuzil


Tyson Neuzil


best friend

September 2003 - may 29 2012

i met my friend Jacob in Kindergarten and I've been best friends with him ever since.

Washington D.C.

June 4 2011 - June 8 2011

living with mom


once you turn 14 you have the choice for which parent you want to live with and a couple days after my 14th birthday i started living with my mom full-time

Las Vegas Family Vacation

July 2012



08/22/2001 - 05/28/2003

Switching schools

08/28/2012 - 11/09/2012

I moved from CCA to Waukee in Des Moines but after a couple months i had a lot of friends but the teachers were difficult so i moved back to Wellman and went to Mid Prairie.


2nd grade basketball

December 2005 - January 2006

we were tied 34-34 at the last game in our year and in the last 5 seconds i made a shot and we won 36-34


Great grandpa dies

November 2009

Great Grandma dies

February 18 2012


You have chosen some great events for you timeline. For some of them you explain WHY the events are significant but for some the explanation is missing. You may go back and add the resto of the assigned events and explanations before you turn in your future timeline to earn more points.


Work for the future


2016 - 2017

I want to be a carpenter for maybe a year or 2 once I get out of high-school it requires having graduated high-school

Future work


I want to find a job I can do well at and enjoy, something that pays enough for me to live off of until I acquire a better job.

Job I want


I've always wanted to cook so when the class for cooking at CCA came up for high school i decided to take it but then i moved, there were no cooking classes at Waukee so when I got to Mid-Prairie I picked cooking and but it says i still don't have it this year so when i get to college i plan on taking cooking classes to become a chef.


2060 - 2065

I want to retire in my 60's so I can still have time left to enjoy trips and traveling

Hobbes of the future

Things i want to do on the free time

Play Basketball

June 2016

I want to start having free time to play some basketball around the time i get out of highschool.

Riding bikes


I like riding my bike now sometime in the future i would like to get a nicer one and ride it around places

School in the future

Mid Prairie

January 29 2013 - may 2016

I hope i can stay here and not have to move again i never moved from a school before so I thought I'd like it but not so much I'd rather be here then start over again anywhere else

High school

May 2016

I want to be able to graduate high school with my GED


2017 - 2018

A year or so after high-school i want to go to college for a 2 or 4 year degree

Future living

staying in Iowa


I don't want to move out of Iowa I've lived here my whole life and I enjoy it the only thing that could get me to leave is if the government went chaos

Moving out

2017 - december 2017

around a year after high-school i want to moveout and into an apartment


2022 - 2023

I hope to be able to marry the girl I'm with now in my mid 20's



After a few year of college and a job i would like to have enough money to buy a house

Final Comments

Your future looks wonderful! You have some great plans and shared details about why these things are important and why you are pursuing them. A few events are missing from the total number required but what you have here is excellent.