Important Events in U.S. History


Treaty Of Paris

September 3 1783

When The revolutionary war ended And we began to be a free country

Whiskey Rebelion

1791 - 1800

When Whiskey was bannaed and people rebeled and drank it anyways.

D.C. Is Named Nations Capital


This Is were the white house was placed and many other important buildings like the pentagon.

The Lousiana Purchase

1803 - 1804

The U.S. expanded during this time and Helped shape the states today

Louis And Clark Expidition

1804 - 1806

Helped shape america by finding New areas

U.S. Gains Florida From Spain


Spain Gives Florida For $5 Million Dollars.


Fulton Developes Powerful Steam Boat Engine


Added a start to propelled boats

Missouri Comprimise


Regulation of slavery in western teritorys.

Northeastern States Ban Slavery

1817 - 1820

Certain Northeastern states Ban slavery

Erie Canal Is Built

1817 - 1825

A very Important Water passage for ships. It was very important because of shipping.