Important Events in U.S. History


Treaty Of Paris

September 3 1783

When The revolutionary war ended And we began to be a free country

D.C. Is Named Nations Capital


This Is were the white house was placed and many other important buildings like the pentagon.

Whiskey Rebelion

1791 - 1800

When Whiskey was bannaed and people rebeled and drank it anyways.

The Lousiana Purchase

1803 - 1804

The U.S. expanded during this time and Helped shape the states today

Louis And Clark Expidition

1804 - 1806

Helped shape america by finding New areas

U.S. Gains Florida From Spain


Spain Gives Florida For $5 Million Dollars.


Fulton Developes Powerful Steam Boat Engine


Added a start to propelled boats

Missouri Comprimise


Regulation of slavery in western teritorys.

Erie Canal Is Built

1817 - 1825

A very Important Water passage for ships. It was very important because of shipping.

Northeastern States Ban Slavery

1817 - 1820

Certain Northeastern states Ban slavery