Daytime Miracles


Porrim Maryam


Gamzee Makara


Kankri Vantas


Latula Pyrope


Kanaya Maryam


Terezi Pyrope


Karkat Vantas


Events in Prospit

Porrim takes Karkat, Kanaya and Kankri to a protest.

06/05/2018 - 06/06/2018

An argument starts during the rally, which incites a young Kankri to start preeching, an act that silences the mayor long enough for Porrim and the protest leaders to get their points across once she's finished, and also catches the attention of a young Latula Pyrope, who was watching the protest with his little brother, Terezi from their bedroom window.

Latula and Kankri start to fall in love.

06/06/2018 - 09/28/2024

Realizing that they are in the same school, and that Kankri is probably the biggest square in said school, Latula is a little hesitant to allow himself to crush on her. After realizing that she and him pretty much believe in the same creedo, he accepts his feelings and then decides to let them grow before acting on them.

At the same time, as Latula introduces himself and becomes her friend, helps her out and discourages his friends from picking on her, she too becomes to slowly fall for him.

Karkat and Gamzee become moirails

01/14/2026 - 11/18/2029

In this span of time, the two girls get to know each other and help the other out.

Karkat fixes up Gamzee's apartment, buys her food, and clothes.

Gamzee grows overly protective and keeps bullies away from Karkat.

In general, the two of them become very, very close, which leads to Gamzee's snap on the 18th of November.

Karkat and Gamzee Meet


After being expelled from school, Karkat rushes home with tears in her eyes.

At the same time, Gamzee, who is having a life crisis, happens to be on a bench at the park Karkat cuts through.

Developing a sudden interest in her, Gamzee grabs her and declares her a miracle, an act that leads to their eventual friendship.

Karkat is attacked.

11/18/2029 - 11/23/2029

By the women that had been her constant source of torment, and who had grown angry and disbelieving of Gamzee's threats. Karkat is jumped and put into the hospital.

When Gamzee finds out, she sneaks into the hospital to see her and flys into a rage. She ends up killing five of the girls, saving one to live with the memory and warn others away from bothering Karkat. It works.

When Karkat wakes up, Gamzee sneaks back in and Karkat manages to get her to tell her what she did. Horrified, but unwilling to give her friend up, Karkat agrees when Gamzee asks her to move in with her, if only to keep her calm and to stop her from kiling anyone else.

Events in Derse