Post WWII Reconstruction


Civil Rights

Committee of Civil Rights


Called in by President Truman.
Discussed status of civil rights movements and attempt to increase them.
Disbanded in 1947.

Truman 1947


Integrated the military and a bunch of other stuff.



Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball as the first African American to play the game.
Signs with Brooklyn Dodgers and debuts in1947.


1950 - 1960

Beatnik was a media stereotype of the 1950s to mid 1960s that displayed the more superficial aspects of the Beat Generation literary movement of the 1950s and violent film images, along with a cartoonish depiction of the real-life people.

Brown vs. Board of Ed

August 3, 1951

Addresses the concern between segregated school systems and pushes for non-segregated schools.

Montgomery Bus Boycotts


Rosa Parks declared the boycott.
Black citizens refused to use the buses.
Ended when declared desegregation of the bus system, and sparked the complete civil rights movements.

Greensboro Sit-ins


Ended segregation in restaurants.

Eisenhower 1957 (Little rock)


the little rock 9 were nine african american students who led the oush to desgregation by entering a white school. Soldiers were needed to keep the mobs downl and President Eisenhower showed his disgust for segregation through a speech that aired on national television.

Eisenhower 1960 (Civil Rights Bill)

1958 - 1960

Introduced in 1958, the bill was in response to violent occurences such as bombings and discrimination. This bill brought the civil rights movements into the white house.

Civil Rights Act of 1965


Voting rights act which finally enforced troops in spots to defeat discrimination an let intimitaded blacks vote in a secure environment. Also this act repealed the poll tax, making it free for all people eligible to vote.

Assasination 1965 (Malcolm X)


Malcolm X assasinated. He was a leading black figure who was an actividt in the civil rights movements.

Riots 1965-1968

1965 - 1968

Assasinations of Malcolm X and MArtin Luther King Jr. Riots include bombings, Watts riots in LA which killed 31, and others.

Cold War