Important Events of the Louisiana Purchase

by Anakin


Louisiana Purchase

July 4,1803

Napolean Bonaparte signed over the Louisiana territory to the United States.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

May 14, 1804 - September 23, 1806

Lewis and Clark leave from St. Louis on May 14, 1804 and return to St. Louis over 2 years later.

Corps Hires

November 4,1804

Charboneau is hired and him and his wife make history.

Three Forks of the Missouri River

July 25, 1805

The Corps reaches the three forks of the Missouri River.

Pacific in View

November 7, 1805

Clark thinks he see's the ocean so they think the expodition is almost over.

Close to home!

December 25,1805

Lewis and Clark learn that there is 1 entire continent from them and home.

We're back

September 23,1806

The core returns to st.louis after being gone for two and a half years