Historical Fiction timeline Kennedy M.


Star In The Storm

1912 - 1913

Maggie is trying to keep cyrus (her dog) hidden so that she won't get caught.

Star In The Storm

1912 - 1913

Maggie and her friend are trying to get all the dogs back so they can't hurt or kill them and so every dog owner can have there dog's back.

Star In The Storm

1912 - 1913

All of the non sheepherding dogs have been out lowed from the rocky coastal village where maggie lives.

post office begins delivery

01/01/1913 - 02/13/2013

post office begins there fist delivery and they are still delivering today.

Frank Chance

01/08/1913 - 09/15/1924

Frank Chance was manager for the cubs, yankees, red sox, and white sox

Star In The Storm

january 14,1913 - january 16,1913

Maggie and her friend are going to camp out on the beech trying to find cyrus and while they are looking they see a ice berg that hasn't melt yet but maggie's friend see's something on it and they go closer and it is cyrus.

Star In The Storm

january 16,1913 - january 17,1913

Maggir tell's her friend that she is going on the ice berg to go get cyrus but her friend say ''but you said you hated going NEER ice bergs!'' i do but i will do anything for cyrus! says maggie. she is on the ice berg and she got cyrus and brought her down.

Harry Green

05/12/1913 - 05/13/1913

Mr. Green ran a marathon in record time

Otto Witte

08/13/1913 - 08/18/1913

Otto Witte was an acrobat who was crowned king of Albania, because he looked just like the Turkish prince destined for the throne. Otto only lasted 5 days before the truth came out.

George W Buckner

09/10/1913 - 09/11/1915

He served minister to Liberia