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Civil War

Battle at Moultrie

04/12/1861 - 04/14/1861

Robert Anderson and his 85 soldiers were positioned at Fort Moultrie near the mouth of Charleston Harbor.

Battle at mill springs

January 19,1862

Felix Zollioffer took them to fight and died by Union solders during the battle.

Battle of Pea Ridge

March 6, 1862 - March 8, 1862

Gen.Samuel R. Currtis' Union army of the southwest pushed into Arkansas and established a defensive position.

Battle at Stones River

December 31,1862 - January 3, 1863

Union general william Rosecrans fought a pitched battle with Braxtons Bragg's army of Tennessee on the outskirts of Murfreesbro,Tennessee

Battle of Olustee

February 20,1864

Gen. Quincy A. Gillmore lanched an expedition into Flordia.

battle of Mobile Bay

August 2, 1864 - August 23,1864

A combined Union force initated operations t close Mobile Bay

Battle of Jonesborough

August 31, 1864 - September 1,1864

Sherman had successfully cut Hood's supply.

Battle of Third Winchester

September 19, 1864

Kershaw's division left Winchester to rejoin Lee's army.

Battle of Fishers hill

September 21, 1864 - September 22, 1864

Early's army, bloodied by its defeat at opequon.

Battle of Natural Bridge

March 6,1865

Maj. Gen. John Newton had undertaken an expedition to engage and destroy.