Historical fiction timeline RJ R

The Last Mission

Going to war

1944 - May 1945

Jack Raab is going to World War II

Jack lived through the war

1944 - August 1945

Jack was the only person in his flight crew to live .

Jack Raab in March

03/01/1945 - 03/31/1945

Jack Raab had his twenty-fourth mission in March then didn't have another one the rest of the month

Jack's birthday

04/24/1945 - 04/25/1945

Jack has now turned sixteen because he lied about his age to get into the army

Jack's best friend dies

04/24/1945 - 04/25/1945

Jack's best friend Chuckie died in the plane while flying the plane

World War 2

War started

1939 - 1945

The war started in 1939 by Germany invading Poland .

Europe invades

June 1941 - July 1941

The Europeans invaded the Soviet Union .

Us defeats Japan

1944 - 1945

The Us defeated the Japanese Navy and captured the Western Pacific islands .

Us atomic bombs

August 6 1945 - August 7 1945

The Us bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima with atomic bombs .

The wars ends

August 15 1945 - August 16 1945

The Japanese surrendered which ended the war and Asia cementing the total war of the Allies over the Axis.