historical fiction timeline by : Katelyn S.

When The Whistle Blows

It lasted from 1940-1950.

all Hallows eve or just his dad's birthday


They were celebrating there fathers birthday.

Rowlsburg river lions turn presten county champions in football


They turned the football champions there.

all hallows eve again and the kid is going to sneek up on his dad


The kid wants to scare his father.

His father died from pneumonia


His father had pneumonia for a while.

He joins the society by having his thumb cut and pressing it down by his name


they cut his thumb straight down and it had to be deep enough to leave a scare.

other historical events that happened around that time

The Britain Battle


The war was between German and Britain.

Leon trotsky gets assassinated


Mercador was the one who assassinated Leon Trotsky.

Japanese attack Pearl Habor

December 7 ,1941

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor with a surprise.

Anne Frank hides


she is 13 years old when they had to go into hiding so they didn't have to go to camps.

The American and FIlipino Prisoners are forced to war


They were forced to war.