Historical Fiction Timeline Hallie O.


Real events

Lewis and Clark

January 18, 1806 - January 19, 1806

Lewis and Clark find skeleton of 105 foot blue whale.

Lower Trenton Bridge opens

01/30/1806 - 01/31/1806

Lower Trenton Bridge opens to the public

Andrew Jackson

05/30/1806 - 06/1/1806

Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickson in a duel.

Lewis and Clark return

09/23/1806 - 09/26/1806

Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis after exploring for a lone time.

Pikes Peak

11/15/1806 - 11/17/1806

Explorer Zebulon Pike sights Pikes Peak and that is how it got it's name.

Stopping To Home

Ma died

03/02/1806 - 03/03/1806

Ma died and now Seth and Abbie have no where to go so they are going to work for a widow.

Quar sinks

03/12/1806 - 03/13/1806

Quar sinks and they don't know if their dad is still living that's the boat he drove.

Seth runs away

04/12/1806 - 04/14/1806

Seth runs away to find their dad.

Abbie runs away

04/16/1806 - 04/18/1806

Abbie runs away to find Seth and her dad

Finds dad and Seth

12/25/1806 - 12/26/1806

Abbie finds Seth and her dad just in time for Christmas.