historical fiction by Alaina G.


When they killed baby Hebrew boys.

1275 b.c. - 1274 b.c.

Almah the main character had to hide her baby brother form the soldiers and had to warn people if they where coming.

When Almah saved the Princess.

1275 b.c. - 1274 b.c.

Almah saved the Princess when she fainted because she saw a baby boy get eaten by a crocodile and than Almah saves the Princess because the crocodile could of at her.

Almah goes to live in the Women's palace.

1275 b.c. - 1260 b.c.

Almah love the Women's palace and never wanted to leave.

When Moses killes Kakemour.

1260 b.c. - 1259 b.c.

Kakemour was a soldier and a very close friend but he made Moses whip his brother and so Moses whipped Kakemour and when Kakemour was going to tell about what happened and Moses was afraid that they would take it out on his family and so he killed Kakemour with a stone.

When Moses escapes.

1260 b.c. - 1242 b.c.

Almah helped Moses escape, and in the epilogue it's about how sad she is and worried if Moses is okay, and the king finds him but doesn't make him come back but he told Almah Moses is okay.

historical facts in the book

When Nefertari dies.

1296 b.c. - 1260 b.c.

Nefertari was a good ruler it doesn't talk about Nefertari that much in the book but it was a very sad loss when she died in the book the main character is Moses's sister and in the book she looks like Nefertari.

The Princess found Moses.

1275 b.c. - 1274 b.c.

In the book the Princess find Moses by the Nile River hiding in the bushes.

When the Egyptians killed the baby Hebrew boys.

1275 b.c. - 1274 b.c

The Egyptians were afraid that the Hebrew people would over power them or rebel, so they tried to kill the Hebrew baby boys but, some people hid them in baskets near the Nile River.

When Moses escaped.

1260 b.c. - 1242 b.c.

1533 b.c. was when Moses escaped, and it doesn't say that Moses saved the Hebrews.

When the Egyptians force the Hebrews to do slave work.

1260 b.c. - 1259 b.c.

Ramesses the second was going to get married and his wife did not like Hebrews, and the main character and Moses were Hebrew but living in the palace, and cried when they saw there people being whipped, and had to do work, and a guy in the book made Moses whip his brother and Moses did not.