Historical fiction by Kierra VS.

Summer of my german soldier

The book I was reading.

They bring the prisoners to the camp site.


They capture prisoners and they bring them to the place they stay till the war is over.

The Guard brings them to the store


They go to the store thats when anton and the girl meet and the become best friends

Anton gets out of prison.


Anton goes to the girls house and stays in the hideout for a while then when he sees the girl getting beat he rushes out and Ruth the slave finds out about him and feeds him.

The Soldier leaves


Anton leaves without patty knowing that he's gone.

Patty is visited by Ruth


Patty has a visiter and she finds out that it is Ruth and Ruth brings her the gift of chicken wings and some sort of cookies. Ruth has to go and patty is devastated. She described it as her raft floating away as she is dying in the sea. She misses her home and ruth I guess.

Anton is shot


Anton is found and shot by the police. Thats when patty gives herself to the FBI and she has to go to a place thats helps certain girls.

Historical facts

The true things that happened in the story.

Hitler is at war.


Hitler is at war with us and we captured some of his people.

We take prisoners


We capture nazis and we take them to the prison to stay.

Nazis kill the Jewish


Hitler would kill the jewish and harm them because they didn't like them.

We let the prisoners go


The war was over and they were not a threat.

The wars over


We won and we let the prisoners go.