Untitled timeline


Germany attacks poland

september 1939

Germany invaded poland by attacking them with bombs and weapons.

Germany beging bombing brittian.

April 1940

They used haevy steeled bombs

the allies defeat japan.

June 1941

the tide turns and the Allis come up with a powerful army to defeat Japan.

Japan bombs pearl harbor

December 1941

Perl harbor was the most devistating ship sink in history.

Axis troops in northern africa surrender

May 1943

when the surrendered they were devestated and what made them surrender was an attack behind there back called a blind attack

Italy surrenders

september 1943

why they surrendered is unknown.

Allied troops land in france and begin invasion

June 1944

they began to invade them with riot sheild and heavly armed weapons

Germans fight back in the battle of buldge

December 1944

they fought back and won that battle

world war two ends


Germany surrenders and the world war ends

Allied troops capture lwo jima

march 1945

when they attacked him he got killed