Historical Fiction by Caroline W.


Marisa decides to go to Germany

1942 - 1944

In order to survive, Marisa had to pretend to be a Pole and become a German slave.

Dad was captured

1942 - 1945

The father of Marisa was taken by the Germans.

Marisa runs away from Herr Kruesz

1943 - 1944

After another slave was hung, Marisa knew she had to run away soon.

Marisa makes a friend

1944 - 1945

Marisa and her new friend get trapped in a bombing.

Marisa Moves

1944 - 1945

She has to move to work at a factory in Berlin.

Historically Events

This what really happened during WWII.

Hitter becomes Chancellor

1933 - 1945

Hittler ruled Germany for 12 years.

Germany invades countries

1941 - 1945

Natzi Germany invaded many places, including the Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

Jewish resistance

1942 - 1943

There was a Jewish uprising in Nesvizh.

D day

1944 - 1945

On D day, the Allies started fighting the Germans to free Europe.

War ends

1945 - 1946

V-E day or Victory in Europe was when the WWII ended, on May 9, 1945.