historical fiction timeline Joey k.


The Endurance leaves Buenos Aires.


Shakleton the captain of the Endurance picks up sailors including Billy and Perce and starts it's journey to the South pole.

The Endurance gets trapped by ice.


By now it's winter and everyone sets up winter station. Winter station lasts nine months.

The men leave the Endurance.

1915 - 1916

The men attempt to march towards a island and fail. They set up ocean camp. They try to march again and fail once more. This time that set up patience camp. Patience camp is on ice and eventually breaks up so they set off in three life boats.

They land on Elephant island.


They set up a hut and call this camp Cape Wild. Sackleton and some other men set off to get help. Perce's toes get amputated. Three months later they all get rescued.

Perce returns home.



Invasion of Serbia


Conflict opened when Austro Hungarian invaded Serbia.

Russian Empire

1914 - 1917

1917 when the Russian Empire collapsed they had to leave the war.

WW1 ends.

1914 - 1918

In 1918 the war finally ends.

WW1 starts


WW1 started in 1914 and was centered in Europe.

Italy and Bulgaria


In 1915 Italy and Bulgaria entered war.



In 1917 Romania joined the war.