Historical Fiction Timeline

Historical Events

mummering is banned

december 26 1799 - december 28 1799

Mummering is banned in Newfoundland. It was deemed "Too Annoying"

The dog's warning

January 14 1810 - January 15 1810

The ship's captain left his dog on the docks of Newfoundland because the dog did not want to leave. The ship set sail and never returned.

Mission, Hospital and Orphanage is made.

january 1811 - March 1811

Grenfell Mission is built by Sir WIlfred Grenfell

Tidal Wave or Newfoundland

November 15 1833 - November 17 1833

After the Earthquake, the shore was absent of all water and islanders collected fish. If someone hadn't warned them, they would have drowned.

Earthquake of Newfoundland

November 15 1833 - November 17 1833

The ground shook and destroyed many homes and businesses on Newfoundland. This had drained the water from one shore. The ground shook a few times a day, this went on for about 2 days.

Events from the Book

Finding of Thunder

June 15 1832 - June 16 1832

They were out fishing when the storm came apron them, shaking their boat fiercely. Tom noticed something black in the water and rescued it, a Newfoundland dog who had fallen off a ship.

Thunder's Warning

November 15 1833 - November 17 1833

When returning from the doctor, Thunder jumped from the carriage and sat in front of the horse pulling it. He wouldn't move for anything. Then the Earthquake started, and a giant fissure opened just behind Thunder.

Mummers come to the mansion

December 27 1833 - December 28 1833

5 Mummers arrive at Fiona and Enoch's mansion to warn Tom about the danger in Change-Along

Race Across the Ice

March 1 1834 - March 2 1834

Thunder and Tom race Fiona across the ice to Change-Along

Tom gets adopted

March 15 1834 - March 16 1834

Enoch and Fiona adopt Tom into their family