Historical Fiction Joanne W.

I love historical books



1950 - 1975

The war was cruel and brutal. Many children lost their fathers.

dead vietnamese people

1950 - 1975

A total of 1.1 MILLION Vietnam soldiers and civilians died in the Vietnam War.

dead soildiers

1950 - 1975

58,196 soldiers died in this war.

about 5 million people died or were injured

1950 - 1975

Most of these were only injured.

us troops leave Vietnam

march 1973 - april 1973

They left Vietnam in march.

Ha's personal life

She gets made fun of alot

First fruit

June 7 1965 - July 2 1965

She was very excited because she grew her own fruit bearing papaya tree and she found her 1st baby papaya.

Chick dies

August 7, 1969 - August 10, 1969

They mourned for their dead chick.

Ha's family boards a ship away from Saigon, Veitnam

April 29, 1974 - April 30, 1974

She didn't want to leave her birth town.

They get a donor

July 1976 - September 1976

In September their donor buys them a house in Alabama. Their donor in an American cowboy who lives in Alabama

Her father died

Jan. 14, 1981 - Jan. 17, 1981

Her father died in the Vietnam War.